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Tung Chung


Marie Pottiez is a Creative Freelance based in Hong Kong. 

Travel Blog

[Marie Pottiez, Traveling Creative Copywriter]
Travel Blog: Miles of Happiness

Brand Development, Squarespace Web Design, Social Media Marketing, Brand Implementation, Travel Writing, Travel Photography, Travel Illustration


the project

Blog / Miles of Happiness
Contribution / Graphic design, travel writing, community management
Launching date / September 2014

Miles of Happiness | Illustrated TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE blog.
Adventures, inspiration, illustrations and travelogues from a travel addict. 



+ 4.5K visits/month | Facebook : 1.8K likes | Instagram : 1.8K Followers

Contributions : We Are Sole Sisters, Les Carnets de Traverse, Balisolo, Leave your Daily Hell, That Backpacker, Wanderlusters, Solo Traveler
Partners : The Banyan Tree, Heliflight Services, The Panviman, Intercontinental, Mapiful, Hotel MyStays, Tamarind Village, Blue Indigo, Maison 557

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the e-book [out of stock]

The e-book / Where should I go in Southeast Asia?
Contribution / Illustration + design
Publication / 2015

An insider's Southeast Asia travel guide.
6 months across 9 countries in Southeast Asia with only about 2.500US$. Impossible?

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"Where Should I Go in Southeast Asia?" is 50% art, 50% guide and 100% inspiration.