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Tung Chung


Marie Pottiez is a Creative Freelance based in Hong Kong. 



[Marie Pottiez, Traveling Creative Copywriter]
Services: Creative Copywriting, Brand Identity Design, Illustration, Travel Blogging

[traveling Creative freelance]

Working remotely, how does it work? [HK: UTC+8]
They say you work better when you aren't shackled to a 9-to-5 workday. I agree 100%: traveling is the best creativity-booster. Living in Vietnam and exploring Asia, I live in a completely different world than I used to, so my curiosity brings me to a different way of thinking -different ideas. The time difference is no problem, in fact it's a plus for my European clients, as I can work while they sleep! They can send me a last-minute urgent brief at 6pm and receive my feedback first thing the next morning.

creative Copywriting (Fr)

  • Advertising 360

  • Digital Marketing

  • Content Copywriting

  • Social Media Copywriting

  • Translation + Creative Review EN>FR


  • Travel Sketching since 2006
    > Illustrations for sale in shops around Hong Kong

  • Live illustration for events

  • Magazines & Web publications

Travel Blogging

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Brand Development

  • Brand Implementation

  • Travel Writing

  • Travel Photography

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