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Tung Chung


Marie Pottiez is a Creative Freelance based in Hong Kong. 

Ripolin - Puss in Boots & Cie

Creative Copywriting - Work

Ripolin - Puss in Boots & Cie

Marie Pottiez


Client / Ripolin®
Agency / La Chose Paris
Director / UFO
Publication / 2011

Women are increasingly interested in painting, is trendy, it's creative and it's often the only stage of the work to which they wish to participate. BUT it is still difficult to play handy-girl and unless forced to, it is often difficult to start.

The brief
So how to get around the daunting dimension associated with painting and present this activity under a funky angle, more creative, spontaneous, just more feminine? 

The idea
Make up your home ! The products of Ripolin® are so simple to use that painting will not be a drudgery anymore but a pleasure. We worked with the directors UFO to produce these 3 short commercials, which show the powerful effects of using Ripolin®, a house hold paint. In order to create 3 entirely different universes: Magic Beanstalk, Red Riding Hood and Puss in Boots, we worked with the creative team to design each of the backgrounds, which were then constructed and installed on set.