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Tung Chung


Marie Pottiez is a Creative Freelance based in Hong Kong. 

Ricoré - Monday Morning

Creative Copywriting - Work

Ricoré - Monday Morning

Marie Pottiez


Client / Ricoré®
Project / Graduation project, superior Art School of St Luc
Publication / 2010

Ricoré® is an instant coffee product containing chicory, composed of 40% coffee and 60% chicory. This brand is famous in France for its advertising. In these commercials, different family situations at the breakfast table were depicted, with each situation being resolved by Ricoré.

The brief
Give a new approach of the brand, while keeping the main idea:  Ricoré® is your breakfast's best friend.

The idea
Transform the worst part of the week on a great time. On Monday morning, when it's usually hard to recover from the week-end and to find the motivation to go working, people have the surprise to be welcomed in the subway by a toboggan instead of the stairs.

You can choose either to let your day go or choose the fun path, taking the slide. 
Ricoré® makes you a morning person.