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Tung Chung


Marie Pottiez is a Creative Freelance based in Hong Kong. 

Red Bull Vitalizes Body and Mind®

Creative Copywriting - Work

Red Bull Vitalizes Body and Mind®

Marie Pottiez


Client / RedBull® - Reco
Agency / La Chose Paris
Publication / 2010

Red Bull is known as an energy drink, and many people associate it with a sporty universe, forgetting that Red Bull Vitalizes Body and Mind®.

The brief
French people think Red Bull® is a american drink agressive and dangerous. How can we restore Red Bull®’s name in the heart of French people, pressing its intellectual side ?

The idea
To use Napoleon as the main character. We can finally discover his hidden hand secret...


The idea
Jean Paul Gaultier is a famous French Fashion Designer, well know for its sailors.

He is looking for ideas, he’s designing a new shirt and strikeouts his drawings one after one, makes paper balls, annoyed not finding tHe idea.

He drinks a Red Bull -illumination in his eyes, malicious smile.

He retrieves his drawings in the wastebasket, unfolds it and comtemplates it.

Fashion show with a collection of sailors. everybody is amazed, total success, con- gratulations, the public wants to know what is his secret.