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Tung Chung


Marie Pottiez is a Creative Freelance based in Hong Kong. 

Phil & Teds All-Terrain Strollers

Creative Copywriting - Work

Phil & Teds All-Terrain Strollers

Marie Pottiez


Client / Phil & Teds®
Project / Graduation project, superior Art School of St Luc
Publication / 2010

The brief
How to show that the stroller Phil & Teds® Sport Inline is much more than a regular all-terrain stroller ? 
All-terrain words make all its sense with the Sport Inline.

The idea
The stroller P&T® can goes everywhere. There is no limit.
That's why we can find tire tracks on the wall of the subway, or on the ceiling of the shop, where can actually find the stroller upside down.

street marketing


Stroller in shops